Belgian consortium on Food and Nutrition Research

Scientific Lead / Contact

Prof. Dr. Carl Lachat

Prof. Dr. Ir. Christophe Matthys

Dr. Kaat Verplanken


The Belgian national node aims to bridge the gaps between Food and Nutrition Research. The consortium is coordinated by Food2Know, the excellence centre on Feed, Food and Health of Ghent University. The Belgian node is a cooperation between leading partners in Food, Nutrition and Health research and brings together stakeholders from academia, industry and consumers. The consortium is currently represented by Ghent University, KULeuven, ILVO, Sciensano, UHasselt, Flanders’ Food, Wagralim and EUROFIR. Additional partners may be invited in the future for participation.

The aim of the Belgian consortium is to foster healthy and sustainable diets in European and Belgian consumers. The ambition is to develop a virtual infrastructure that can effectively interlink people, data, services, training, publications, projects and organisations active in the area of food and nutrition.

The goal is to develop an infrastructure consisting of hardware and software that allows to exploit powerful food and nutrition science data platforms, with a scientific focus on food product design, innovation & processing, nutrition for promoting health as well as for disease statuses, personalized nutrition, human intervention trials, consumer behaviour (preferences, purchase behaviour, drivers, etc.) & consumption patterns, foodomics & metabolomics studies and biomarker detection related to product, quality, safety or health status.