Create Consumer Data Pipeline

About Create Consumer Data Pipeline

Wageningen University and Research (WUR), is in collaboration with various European partners, working on a virtual environment, so called Food, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure (FNH-RI), in which information and data resulting from research can be combined, harmonised, validated, compared and linked. This will result in new and substanding insights.

Within Wageningen Economic Research (WEcR) different steps have been taken and will be implemented to come to such a FNH-RI. In the project ecosystem around FNH-RI we build on the further development of a Consumer Data Platform that collects, connects and shares innovative and existing research in the field of consumer research, a Citizen Data Platform.

More knowledge, applied research and experience are mandatory to create the Citizen Data Platform. Examples/knowledge gaps are:

  • Insights in how to facilitate consumers to provide their own (health and behaviour) data, such as physical activity, heart rate, sleeping hours, food consumption or retail data, and how to engage these consumers to donate their consumption data to the FNH Citizen Data Platform.
  • Insights in the data management practices that is suitable for achieving the machine readability of the donated datasets.
  • To set up the basis requirements in terms of FAIR to reuse data science in future projects.
  • Such knowledge, experiences and/or research activities are not yet performed within WEcR nor WUR (to our knowledge).

Therefore the main objective in this project, called “Creating Consumer Data Pipeline” (CCDP) is to start developing a system (consumer data pipeline) that connects datasets about (1) consumer activity tracking, (2) consumer’s consumption patterns and psychosocial factors and (3) consumer’s purchase history to enable applied (integrated) Data Science in the exploration of how these consumer’s attributes interrelated and affect consumer behaviour.