Vision & Mission


By 2050, European citizens eat food that benefits personal and public health and environmental sustainability, coming from a food environment that supports responsible choices.

  • An integrated understanding of consumer food choices at the biological and social levels leads to collaborative redesign of policy, industry and the food environment.
  • Adequate, enjoyable and sustainable food offerings lead to food choices that reduce environmental footprints, non-communicable diseases and malnutrition across all socio- economic and cultural groups.
  • A growing European population is ensured a supply of healthy and sustainable food for the future.


FNH-RI drives transdisciplinary research by connecting research-, industry- and citizen-generated data and facilities on food and environment, initiating the required food systems transformation in Europe. FNH-RI:

  • Enables transdisciplinary research and food innovation by overcoming the lack of data validation and interoperability in food consumer science and nutrition.
  • Generates standards and ontologies to integrate biological and social science food and nutrition data.
  • Supports and trains researchers to utilize and design emerging and novel digital technologies and data science tools.
  • Enables the development of a pan-European Citizens Data Platform for research on eating habits, determinants and impacts.
  • Engages with stakeholder groups and policy-makers to feed knowledge to the food supply chain and preventative health domains, identifying critical and effective intervention points.
  • Steers the re-design of healthier and more sustainable food systems, supported by a new generation of researchers.