About Prospect

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) will publish the  updated ESFRI Roadmap in 2021. The PROSPECT FNH-RI proposal will be uploaded to ESFRI on the 9th of September 2020 to apply for a ESFRI project status on this Roadmap.The Netherlands - and more specific Wageningen University & Research - will coordinate and submit the PROSPECT FNH-RI application on behalf of 19 National Nodes in- and outside the European Union. PROSPECT FNH-RI has political support of 10 countries, financial support of 5 countries and 120 universities and institutes have signed a multi-lateral agreement on the FNH-RI principles.

The submission of PROSPECT FNH-RI will underpin the preparation of FNH-RI in terms of Science Case, Pan-European relevance, Socio-economic impact, Stakeholder and user community, E-needs and accessibility, Governance and business model, HRM, Risk assessment,Planning and preliminary activities to move to a preparatory phase. All these elements are described in detail in the full application to support the FNH-RI mission and vision. Mission & Vision.

Unique selling points of the PROSPECT FNH-RI application are:

  1. Uniting of fragmented domains across the biological and social sciences to facilitate breakthrough research on healthy and sustainable diets for 21st century citizens.
  2. Open access to data and cutting-edge methodologies to pursue advanced research questions, shaping the pace and direction of healthy and sustainable food innovation.
  3. Sharing of advanced facilities to measure nutrient intake, food reformulation and the behaviour of consumers in their food environments and
  4. Guidance of public and private sector to innovate policies and practices on healthy and sustainable food.

The total costs of FNH-RI will be 26 million Euro per year, 22,5 million Euro will strengthen the National Nodes in their activities, e.g., to exploit, develop, align and share their unique expertise and services via smart specialization and business models and to improve efficiency of research by standardized access to pan-EU data, facilities and training. The investment for the FNH-RI Hub will be 3,5 million Euro per year.