RICHFIELDS – Research infrastructure on consumer health and food intake using e-science with linked data


RICHFIELDS is a H2020 three-year design study that aimed to design a data platform for scientists, businesses, policy makers and people to connect and share information about consumers’ food behaviours. This leaflet RICHFIELDS’s outcomes are a building blocks in the design of the first Research Infrastructure on Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH-RI) in Europe. Every day, consumers, researchers and businesses generate “big data” that offer detailed descriptions of people’s behaviours. By linking and analysing these data-rich sources, researchers may be able to explain societal challenges regarding food and health, like obesity, cardiovascular disease and sustainability.

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New ICT technologies bring opportunities for researchers to monitor and collect information on consumers’ behaviours. If these data-rich sources could be all linked and stored in one place, they would enable researchers to collect different types of information such as: how consumer purchase, prepare and consume food. The study approach is three fold: how to map and store data, how to link data and designing the platform. The platform’s information architecture support the FNH-RI design by using the RICHFIELDS Core Offering summarising the content of the platform, and the development of the platform to maturity.