About Enrich

The overall aims of IMMANA financed ENRICH study were to develop and validate a tool and metrics, the ENRICH Bot, that can provide reliable information on F&V intake and food choice motives in real time and in situ from urban consumers in LMICs with an application to urban consumers living in Nairobi (Kenya) and to assess the possibility to extrapolate the results of the ENRICH study. With the ENRICH Bot, we aim to contribute to the overall long-term goal to increase F&V intake in the urban areas of LMICs. The main activity was the development of the app, the ENRICH Bot, which is able to collect F&V intake and FCM information.

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To test the validity of the ENRICH Bot on F&V intake and FCM, a multi-area randomised crossover trial was applied. Participants from four different areas in Nairobi participated in the study for ten weeks. The total study consisted of two four-week study periods and a two-week washout period. In one of the study periods participants used the ENRICH Bot to fill in their F&V intake and FCM, and in the other period data on F&V intake and FCM were collected by a 24-hour recall and a self-administered questionnaire. In addition, an objective biomarker (skin tone test) was used to evaluate the reported intake of F&V. Data were collected between June 2018 and December 2018. The picture shows the ENRICH Bot prompt that participants received on their smartphone.