Smart Food Intake

What is Smart Food Intake

The aim of this 4 years public-private collaboration project SMART FOOD INTAKE is to improve the collection of reliable, accessible and up-to date food intake data and underlying food choice motivations as important determinants of food intake. A flexible, modular system based on the 2-hour recall (snapshot) methodology will be developed to reach that aim. This methodology will enable the food industry as well as the research community to collect data on food intake in a faster, flexible and in a more reliable way. The modular and flexible aspects of this methods will allow for extension to other eating contexts, target groups and countries. In addition, food intake data will be linked to context-specific motivations, as we know that motivations differ across consumption moments and situations.

Considering the context will therefore lead to an increased understanding of food behaviour. Eventually this concept should help researchers and industry to faster and cheaper collect necessary insights that can be used to develop food products and interventions that better fit the needs of a diverse range of consumers and lead to an on average higher intake of healthy foods. The Smart Food Intake project generates data to build on for a work method. To create new (knowledge) products, and add and use existing knowledge. The added existing knowledge retains its intellectual copyright. Partners will contribute to each other data sets which will also be used by the partners. The existing data set remains property of the partner but new rules on governance will be created to assure the new knowledge becomes the shared property of the partners.