About CDP

How can we empower consumers to make healthy and sustainable dietary choices adapted to their own needs and preferences? How can we combat obesity or malnutrition without losing the sustainability perspective? To answer these questions we will create a one-stop shopping solution, called the Consumer Data Platform for food, nutrition and health (FNH). This solution consists of the RICHFIELDS Collector app to collect European consumer data on determinants and food intake and a platform where researchers can access and analyse the data. This new package offers researchers unlimited possibilities to find new insights into consumer behaviour and its impact on health and sustainability.

About RRI

It is increasingly important that the process of conducting research is done socially responsibly. ‘Responsible Research and Innovation: Guidelines on Good Research Practice’ offers practical guidance on how to do this by providing relevant resources, tools, self-assessment questions, and actions for improvement.

The term Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) has increasingly gained attention by both researchers and (European) policymakers. Responsible Research and Innovation fosters ways of governing science and technology that are planned, designed, and implemented for and with society, engaging all actors in decisions (RRI-Tools, 2020). The aim is to make research and innovation process better suitable for tackling grand challenges.

Engaging in RRI will stimulate ways of researching that adopt critical long-term perspectives about how we want to shape the world. It will contribute to redefining our role as researchers and further the discussion on how we want science and society to interact. By emphasising diversity, inclusivity, openness, transparency, anticipation, reflection, responsiveness, and adaption to change – RRI will strengthen research projects that are better suited to societal needs. Let’s make RRI a strategic concern among the entire research community.