Scientific Lead / Contact

Dr. Michelle H. Williams

Prof. Dr. Bent Egberg Mikkelsen

Foodhay: Open innovation food and health laboratory

Foodhay forms the National Danish Node as aligned to the Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure as contracted by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, from January 2020.

The consortium is also open to additional Danish partners where research interests overlap FOODHAY.

The consortium partners are Danish research organizations currently involved in food research, these research organizations directly cofunded the Danish ministries grant and they physically hold the Foodhay research infrastructure. These organizations are Aarhus University as represented by both the Department of Food Science (AU-FOOD) and the Center for research on customer relations in the Food sector (AU-MAPP), the Technical University of Denmark, as represented by the National Food Institute (DTU-FOOD), the University of Copenhagen as represented by Department of Food Science (KU-FOOD) and Danish Technological Institute (DTI). In addition Arla Foods amaba has invested in Foodhay though an alignment to AU-FOOD.

Foodhay has a Scientific Advisory Committee and representatives of Danish industry and Danish Food Cluster in the Foodhay Steering Committee to ensure alignment and communication to the Danish food sector.

FOODHAY research infrastructure will increase the understanding of and create unique linkages between raw materials, consumer food products and human health. As an open innovation laboratory, the infrastructure is nationally distributed and aligned to each of the research partners in the consortium. Use of the state-of-the-art research infrastructure will deliver underpinning knowledge on food in relation to nutrition and health, Research is focussed on defining and characterising ingredients, new formulations, and to optimize the quality, the development and the design of products that meet or exceed consumer eating expectations to ensure successful products are launched into the national and international market. FOODHAY research infrastructure is aligned to 4 sub-platforms: 1) Biomarker and Screening Platform, 2) Proteomic and Metabolomic Platform, 3) Food Biophysics Platform and 4) Sensory and Consumer Platform. Knowledge and outcomes will be delivered into a Nutrition and Health Knowledge Platform.

Note: the Organizational diagram needs to be updated due a recent change in May, 2020 where Danish Food Cluster became part of a larger organization called: Future Food & Bioresource Innovation. Therefore we need a new representative from this organization to sit in the Steering Committee of FOODHAY.