Scientific Lead / Contact

Prof. Lorraine Brennan 

Prof. Helen Roche

Dr. Geraldine Quinn

Determinants Intake Status Health Research Infrastructure- Ireland

FNH-IE brings together Food Nutrition and Health research in Ireland and offers expertise at the interface between food and health research.

FNH-IE is led by University College Dublin (UCD) with partners from University College Cork (UCC), Trinity College Dublin (TCD),  National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and Teagasc. These institutions represent Ireland’s leading academics in Food, Nutrition and Health research across many areas from nutrigenomics and metabolomics to dietary surveillance and public health nutrition. The Institutions have a strong history of research collaboration, joining together to support several large scale national and international research programmes. A number of the institutions have also collaborated on training and development programmes for PhD students and Post-Doctoral staff. These programmes were designed not only to enhance the research ability of participants but also to empower them critical thinking and other transferable skills.

The objective of the FNH-IE is to create a virtual platform of expertise in Food, Nutrition and Health. Expertise will include but not limited to: (1) Dietary assessment modelling (2) Design, implementation and conduction of  food based interventions (3) Design and development of public health interventions (4) Online sustainability impact assessment tool (5) Consumer behaviour analysis. Harmonising expertise will enable us to deliver changes in the Food System to ensure Planetary Health.