Scientific Lead / Contact

Dr. Sabato D'Auria

Dr. Maria Staiano

Dr. Aida Turrini

Food, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure – National Node Italy

FNH-RI-IT acts as national node of the European FNH-RI infrastructure uniting fragmented research fields on why, how, how much and what we eat and the connection between nutrition, food and self-sustainability of health.

FNH-RI-IT connects and facilitates collaboration between Italian labs to drive Food Nutrition and Health transdisciplinary research, taking advantage of the partnership among research lab, hospitals and public research institutes.

The Italian network constituting the Node manages and produces multiple sets of experimental, clinical and epidemiological data about food consumption, health and human disease. This initiates the required transformation to healthy and sustainable diets.

CNR coordinates the elaboration of FNH-RI-IT to support the research on food, nutrition and health in the single disciplines, their inter-links and the relationship with the food system as a whole.In this perspective, a national table will be established in coordination with governmental institutions that have endorsed the FNH-RI-IT.

On the operational side, the Italian partners will form the Joint Research Unit (JRU) which will manage the coordination with to the European FNH-RI, discuss and approve proposals for implementation and for admittance of future partners. The JRU will have regular web and/or physical meetings to ensure continuity in governance.