North Macedonia


Scientific Lead / Contact

Assoc. Prof. Igor Spiroski, MD, PhD, MPH

National Node of the Food Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure in North Macedonia

The Macedonian Node is nationally organized under the national RI process initiation and also part of the European FNH-RI. It aims to coordinate and integrate food and nutrition research in North Macedonia. The Node is coordinated by the Institute of Public Health with inclusion of other relevant institutions in the country. Main scientific areas are public health nutrition research and policy, obesity and NCD's, innovation in food production (both from agricultural and food technology aspects) as well as training in public health nutrition and dietotherapy. Scientific breakthroughs are expected in exploring and integrating food and nutrition-related scientific evidence for better health outcomes. Also, advancing in food technology and developing future innovation strategies in order to follow the needs and consumer demands for new dietary trends, as well as novel approach in integration, harmonization and validation of the research following inventive solutions in information and data technologies.

Institute of Public Health: Coordinator of the Node, superior institution in the country in scientific and applied public health nutrition. IPH is conducting population studies on nutrition and obesity (food consumption and nutritional status) and assessing health risk related to nutrition. Significant role in national food safety testing.

UKIM Faculty of Medicine: Training in public health nutrition.

UKIM Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy: Research in technological advancements in food processing, process optimization, minimally processed foods, food composition, isolation and application of probiotics and prebiotics and development of edible films and coatings.

UKIM Faculty of Pharmacy: Training in Dietetics and Dietotherapy. Research in antioxidative properties of herbs.

UKIM Faculty of Agriculture sciences and Food: Research in processing of agricultural products, field crop production, agricultural economics, eco-agriculture, horticulture, fruit production, viticulture and wine production.