Scientific Lead / Contact  

Assistant Professor Duarte Torres

Carla Lopes (PhD)

Portuguese National Node - Consumer Behaviour, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure

The Portuguese National Node-Consumer Behaviour, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure (CNHRI-PT) is coordinated by the Institute of Public Health, University of Porto. Other partners are University of Porto,  National Institute of Health, Dr. Ricardo Jorge Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade Católica Portuguesa and REQUIMTE, Network of Chemistry and Technology – Association.

The CNHRI-PT will constitute a comprehensive research structure on the study of consumer behaviours, nutrition and their relation with health outcomes. It aims to better understand the relevance of nutrition for the promotion of population health and well-being. Specific aims are to identify trajectories of food consumption through life and to identify their social, economic and cultural determinants and also their health consequences, to address innovative methodological tools on consumer behaviours and dietary assessment, including the development of new e-technologies and innovation and food products development oriented to consumer health and planetary sustainability.

The Consortium includes six robust academic and research institutions well equipped with human resources and research capacity, able to: produce high level evidence, guaranty training on this area, and provide knowledge to support decision making at national and international level.