Food Science Sweden

Scientific Lead / Contact

Prof. Robert Jan Brummer

Prof. Rikard Landberg

Food Science Sweden (FSS) is a national platform aimed at strengthening and visualizing Swedish food science research

The purpose of FSS is to strengthen Swedish food science research by being a clear and collective representative of the field. We therefore want to create improved cooperation between partner organizations, as well as with authorities and the industry.

The active research areas of Food Science Sweden (inner circle) and associated topics. The research are performed through the research school LiFT (Future Technologies for Food production). LiFT graduate school falls across all topics and welcomes PhD students from of diverse background. FSS aims at facilitating interdisciplinary research. The overall goal of the graduate school is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish food industry by providing highly trained PhDs with high scientific competence in areas of importance for the Swedish society and industry.


FSS is a joint organization, gathering the largest players in Swedish food science research – Chalmers, Lund University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Örebro University and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). FSS is also supported by the Swedish Food Federation.