The Netherlands


Scientific Lead / Contact

Dr. J. Bouwman

Prof. Dr. J.O. Mireau

Dr. ir. M.C. J.O. Ocké

Dr. J.H.M. Dijk

Determinants Intake Status Health Research Infrastructure NL

The Determinants Intake Status Health Research Infrastructure Netherlands (DISH-NL) is the Dutch national node of the Food Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure Europe (FNH-RI). DISH-NL aims at creating an e-infrastructure to study consumer behavior and the personal needs for maintenance of health over a life course perspective with regard to food, nutrition and health. DISH-NL operates at the interface of food and health research, and is on the Dutch Roadmap for large Research Infrastructures in the BBMRI cluster. It focuses on determinants of food choice, intake of food and nutrients, status and functioning of the human body and mind, and health (DISH). Health is here considered as the positive health concept, i.e. the dynamic ability to adapt and to manage one’s own well-being. Harmonizing data will enable answering broad, multi-faceted research questions specific for the food and nutrition domain related to health. This will deliver more evidence based dietary guidelines and insight how to change consumer behaviour and the food environment to encourage active and healthy ageing.

DISH-NL is coordinated by the University Medical Centre Groningen and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Other partners are TNO, University of Maastricht, University of Groningen, Erasmus MC and Wageningen University and Research. The consortium started collaboration in 2015 and was extended in the next years. Data, tools and services, the core of DISH-NL, are identified. Plans are being developed for cataloging, harmonization and standardization of the available facilities, and for innovation with new ICT- technologies.